Friday, May 14, 2010

Hot Stuff at the Swaps

Warning: nudity below!

People bring the most random things, and for some reason, we always end up with porn at our swaps. This time, the hot items was this deck of cards:

I'm not even sure if it was a complete deck or not, but who cares! This deck was picked up and passed around by a few different gents, including Al from Soundwave, but I think it ended up with this guy:

and...I'm not even sure if HE ended up taking them home either! He did take home this no-smoking sign from my house though.

When I say random, I mean it, because look at what other folks brought: a holy Bible with some epic cover art, a sex and love addicts anonymous book, and some resistance bands. Yes, these were all taken home too.

Did you come home with some random stuff? Let us know and share pictures please!

I wonder what we'll find at the next swap...


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