Swap Rules

We all come to Swap! Not Shop! with the intention of getting rid of items and take home 'new to you' goodies. Anything from gently used clothes & shoes to household items can be swapped! But we don't want your junk and neither does anyone else so please be considerate about what you bring to  swap. When you come to swap, you can bring one item or many items. Our staff separates everything into different piles and sections. Then you look through the piles and different tables and take as much as you want! PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING IN BAGS! That means those items are spoken for and belong to someone else. 

Check out this list of what you CAN and CAN'T bring:

- Men, women, and children's clothing...all sizes please!
- Shoes
- Jewelery
- Bags and purses
- Non-perishable food
- Household items
- Movies and music
- Books and magazines

- Anything considered JUNK!
- Dirty items
- UNDERWEAR, CHONIES, THONGS...even if they're clean!
- Broken items to the point they can't be reused
- Random pieces of things
- Live animals

We've seen a plethora of random things that have come in and out of the swap, from designer gear, to DVD players, to porn, to independent zines...you get the picture. Remember, everything that doesn't get copped will get donated to charity, so make sure you're giving good and good karma will come to you.

You never know what you can find in these bags!


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