Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sole Swappin': Turning Turds into Chrome

Ok ok, so I managed to get rid of one more pair of my shoes, an old, but still wearable, pair of red striped hi-top Chucks, meaning that I pretty much have given up 10% of my shoe collection! But, here's the catch- you won't find them at the swap, because I already swapped them out for a brand new pair of these:

Yup, these kicks were FREE, all I had to do was send in an old pair of shoes, aka my "turds", to SF-based Chrome and they promised to send a brand new pair...and they followed through! Thank goodness I saw the Tweet at the right time!

Turns out that they received thousands of shoes from all over the globe. They've passed out shoes to the homeless and have shipped the rest out to Haiti through Soles for Souls. Sounds like a pretty successful swap to me! Read about Chrome's Turds for Gold experience.

Since these shoes are as sturdy and h.a.r.d. as chrome (of course), I'm not giving them up! Nope! They feel pretty comfortable too. Crazy thing is, they're almost like the Chucks I chucked, only these have so much more soul/sole.

I've got 99 shoes and now Chrome is 1!


  1. this sounds awesome, we do something similar, but for kids (and baby and maternity) - we have one coming up in the East Bay, Vacaville and North Bay.