Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thanks to all of our homies who make it happen!

Our swaps are all organized and run by volunteers (if you count getting paid in clothing then that's enough compensation)! We spend hours promoting, organizing, and then....swapping, screenprinting, bartending, sorting, and eventually donating. So we'll take this time to give some love to the folks that help make this happen. We do this just so we can spread the word that it's so much more fun and earth-friendly to SWAP! NOT SHOP!

Much love to Kev for holding down the silkscreening station. He kept it creative in the "poopdeck" by printing Homeygrown designs on folk's clothing....nonstop. He's a savage for that.

Mucho props to Brittney for helping to organize all of the piles of thangs. Look what she found! Some 90210 wrapping paper!

Hooray for Travis for helping to sort all of the swappables that came through the door...and making some artistic signs. See that fancy hat he's go there? Yup, he copped that in the piles. Definitely one of the perks for helping out!

This is Bianca, a graphic design student and Homeygrown Fam. She designed the last couple of flyers and still has yet to come to one of the swaps! Hope she can make the next one!

Once again, thank you to everyone who has helped out in some way or another. We love you all and we do this for the love of it!

Love, the Swashbucklin' Swappettes: Moe, Rock, & Tiph

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